More Magazines…

It’s a week full of new LEGO magazine releases and while this article may give a different impression, I don’t buy them routinely on a regular basis. I’m always pretty much making this dependent on the content and in particular of course on the little LEGO models/ bricks that come with the mags to expand my stock within my limited financial options. It just so happens that this week they all fulfill that criteria and have something interesting to offer.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, May 2018, Cover

The LEGO Star Wars magazine for May 2018 comes with a mini version of the Jakku Quad Jumper, the first review we had on this blog, actually. I had to check it out just for the fun of it and it even comes with some interesting parts that I don’t have yet in my collection like the round double height bricks used for the engines. I have no idea what I would do with them yet, but I’m sure they will definitely come in handy one day. Same for some other parts. The curved slopes used as the wings are in Dark Flesh, not Dark Orange like on the larger model, BTW. I also wonder why they chose the hinge elements with the rounded off ends. The normal straight ones clearly would have fitted better to the slopes.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, May 2018, Cover

Apparently I’m not in the core target group for LEGO Friends, but for the most part I don’t have much of an issue with it despite being a man of a certain age. In fact I’m of the opinion that if LEGO weren’t as excessive with their girly color schemes in most sets, they would also appeal to a larger audience. You know, there is really no reason to have everything pink or bright yellow. In particular some buildings would make a nice basis for experimentation if only not every second element would come in those flamboyant colors.

Anyway, the current magazine has the little kitten, which might be nice to perch on one of your own buildings. Lately I have been experimenting with that quite a bit, I’m just suffering from a shortage of bricks to really build nice houses yet. Conversely, for such a build the printed clock tile might come in handy. The set also contains a Dark Grey printed 2×1 tile with a keyboard pattern, which could be used for all sorts of cockpit interiors on your Star Wars models just as well. Isn’t it just weird how LEGO can’t manage to throw in a single printed tile in some expensive sets and wants you to use stickers, yet here we have them thrown out like it was nothing?

Of course your mileage may vary, but if like me you don’t have yet a huge stockpile from years and years of doing LEGO, both these models are a good opportunity to add some interesting elements at a reasonable price without having to scour Internet sources.