Bugatti SNAFU

You know what’s really bad? When your inflated marketing hype bubble implodes! That’s what LEGO must be feeling right now with the Bugatti Chiron (42083). I’m not even proactively looking for this stuff, but it feels like no matter where you look, you see leaked images – only days away from what was supposed to be the big reveal event on June 1st. I’m not going to spoil the details I can deduce from the images, juicy as they may be, however I’m still wondering why.

At the best of days, LEGO are as tight-assed control freaks as any other big company about the exclusivity of their product releases, so these clear breaches of whatever embargo/ NDA clauses may exist seem just puzzling. When I was still very active in software testing, our NDAs basically read “If you say anything to anyone before day X, we can have your balls.”

The thing is, that of course we had free licenses and early access to prepare articles on our blogs and create demo content to go with the day of release. This is no different, as no doubt the usual news sites and YouTubers will be there to put up articles and videos based on their review examples. Still, in all my time I’ve never seen such an obvious SNAFU. It’s a downright debacle for LEGO. How ’bout sending me one of those free boxes? I swear I won’t tell anything before the date. 😉

Anyway, I’m giddy for some of the things I’ve seen and will summarize my thoughts on the weekend. Until then you can either catch up on those leaks or enjoy staying ignorant and not knowing what I’m even talking about, so the release will have a bigger impact. It’s your choice…