Wishing upon a Brick

LEGO is not a cheap hobby and while I try to make do and keep current on the latest new stuff with what limited resources I have, I find myself way too often thinking “Wouldn’t it be nice to have this and that set, but who’s gonna pay for it?”. That’s why as a start I have added a dedicated LEGO shopping list for Amazon to the sidebar, so people can have a look at what drives my imagination.

The point of this is not necessarily that I expect people to buy me a free lunch and beg for it (though clearly I wouldn’t object to get something like Ninjago City as a present), but perhaps some of you have one such set floating about that you have no use for and are willing to part with it for a good price, throw some LEGO VIP points at me that you don’t use or simply want to bolster my purchases with LEGO or Amazon vouchers.

As they say: Every bit helps. Obviously, also the more options I have, the more likely it is that I can share cool stuff and ideas here from which everyone can benefit. Who knows, perhaps this little adventure will turn into a useful LEGO resource one of these days…