October Droideka

A month flies by quickly, so it’s already time for yet another LEGO Star Wars magazine as part of the current “week of mags”.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, October 2018, Cover

Sadly, this edition isn’t good in any way. The Droideka model is very much a joke and doesn’t do the design from the prequel movies any justice. It seems lately they are trying to build the models with ever less parts, barely making it worth the effort. Having a few dark brown slopes isn’t that bad, but they just don’t represent the copper-like coloration of the originals and of course due to the very limited number of parts you don’t get that bug/ ball like feeling. It’s nigh on impossible to envision this model actually rolling into the scene. It feels more like a worm.

The rest of the mag doesn’t do anything to make up for it, either. The posters look like they were done by an intern based on some promo images he found on the intranet server and to top it off, this issue is promoting the worst Star Wars set there ever was (so far), the notorious AT-ST from the The Last Jedi movie. That’s really creepy and makes you go “WTF?”.

The only bright spot, if you are so inclined, are once again the trading cards, including yet another exclusive one you only get with this magazine. It’s a slightly questionable method of coaxing people into buying this stuff when the rest doesn’t hold up. If you don’t collect, you can easily pass on this month’s issue.