Trashy October

Closing off the current stream of LEGO magazines is the October issue for City and I have to say it’s just lovely!

LEGO Magazine, City, October 2018, Cover

The buildable parts consist of a trash worker minifigure and a small two-unit dumpster. The dumpster is built from two standard box container units, which keeps it simple, and after I already have a bunch of those in red, blue and grey, thanks to the mag I now also have a green one. The lids are formed by two grey rectangular flag elements, which can be quite useful for all sorts of things and there’s of course the usual handful of bricks and plates, this time also in Light and Dark Bluish Grey. Add to that the red wheel barrow, the shovel, the broom and the Transparent Black bottle and you have yourself a pretty good basic selection of items that actually have play value.

The minifigure comes with plain orange legs of which I also don’t have any yet. My only slight peeve is that the upper flap section of the dungarees printed on the torso looks a bit pale, since the orange parts have no white underprint and/or the paint has been applied to thinly. The bearded face and the helmet look nice, too, though arguably he would probably wear a standard base cap while sweeping the pavement.

In any case, as far as my hunting for good, future-proof, reusable parts goes, this is almost there 100%. I’m almost tempted to rebuild my Street Working Cars (42060) Technic set just to set up a small scene. This rarely ever happens, so it speaks volumes how good the content of the little polybag is.

Aside from the parts, I also really like the comics and posters this time. The posters are funny (both front and back side) and very dynamic. To some extent this is also visible in the comics, though for an adult the humor is a bit less than subtle and all too obvious. Still, overall this is what I would call the almost perfect LEGO magazine, so go and get it! You and your kids will both enjoy it.