Skidoo November

I was already looking forward to this month’s LEGO City magazine based on the preview in the last issue and indeed the November release doesn’t disappoint.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2018, Cover

The comics and posters are once again drawn very dynamically and while I’m not a comic book nerd at all, I like this new style. It genuinely helps to “sell” the themes, which ultimately is of course the whole point of the mags. Let’s not kid ourselves here! Speaking of selling: The set included this time does a good job at that as well.

Expectedly tying in with the winter season (it’s that time of year, after all) and being based on the current Arctic Expedition sets, the little skidoo fits in nicely with the commercial sets. It just so happens that I spontaneously picked up set 60191 the other day when I checked the leftover sales items at a local grocery store, so I can offer a comparison of the two vehicles:

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2018, Skidoo Comparison

As you can see, the magazine version on the left is almost as detailed as the one from the commercial set, only a tad smaller. Not bad for a “free” extra, eh?! So by all means I highly recommend getting the mag this time even if you never buy it other times.