December Destroyer

Another month has flown by way too quickly and so it is time again to have a look at the latest LEGO Star Wars magazine.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, December 2018, Cover

Unfortunately it seems that the mag has run now for too long and overstayed its welcome, as the quality of the content appears to be getting worse with every issue. Those two posters look like an inexperienced intern at a media agency hacked them together on a bad Monday morning. *yikes*

The comic takes a stab at The Last Jedi and while it looks like they are adapting the more dynamic drawing style also used in the City magazines, it is still a far cry from the quality found there. The terrible, infantilistic writing doesn’t make it any better, though of course one has to concede that I’m way beyond the target age. Incidentally I also think that having one of those walkers on a vertical poster would have been a lot cooler than the shoddy LEGO Millenium Falcon from Solo – A Star Wars Story. It’s like they didn’t even try to make an effort.

The Star Destroyer model is okay-ish, but not particularly attractive. It’s really just lumped together from a bunch of wedge plates, which could be useful one of these days, but don’t do much here. Most annoyingly the few extra parts like the engine section or the bridge are attached so flimsily, they always come off. Not much energy and consideration was spent here, either and in contributes to this “all over the place” feel of the mag. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they would manage to produce consistent issues centered around a single subject/ theme?

Overall this isn’t the best mag and rather disappointing, considering that around this time of year one’s always hoping for something special and lavish in time for Christmas. Someone didn’t check their calendar and this is absolutely forgettable…