February Take-Off

It’s time travel season again as with Nexo Knights getting axed (and the magazine that came with it) the publishing cycle for the City mag gets shortened from about six to seven weeks (or 1.5 months, if you will) to one month to compensate and in the process they’re skipping over January in their nomenclature. That’s why for better or worse we’re talking about the February issue here.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2019, Cover

The posters and comics to me are a drop in quality. This is not so much that they would be bad per se, but since they are always based on the current or upcoming sets of course they inherit the style of those and unfortunately the new 2019 Air Police ones are quite simplified in their construction, so there’s not many details to explore and that shows even more when translated to the illustrated 2D format.

The same could be said for the included model. Though the parts value is quite okay with the two large fin elements and all, the construction is super simplistic and the result looks kinda iffy. This certainly could have been done a lot better and would not have required that many extra or other parts – a more voluminous curved slope/ wedge type for the front hood, perhaps some inverted straight slopes on the undersides to get a proper “belly”, one of those basic skateboard wheels with a suitable holder for the undercarriage.

Interestingly, the games this time are quite complex for the target demographic, so they should keep your kids busy for a while and may even require your assistance.