February Painting

It’s the end of a month again, which means that slowly my regular dose of LEGO magazines is rolling in, beginning as usual with the Friends one.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, February/ March 2019, Cover

Those magazines always try to cram way too much info on the front page to entice the kids, but this month the cover is really terrible. most disappointingly they clearly couldn’t be bothered to actually paint a portrait and instead have relied on cheap filters for the painting on the easel. It just looks atrocious. Ironically, one of the posters shows how to do it right and is done using pastels/ crayons (or at least their simulated virtual pendants in a computer graphics program). In fact the graffiti poster is almost good in the sense that it takes a slight self-ironic jab at all that “best friends” stuff we usually get. Sometimes it helps to not take yourself too seriously, obviously.

The included model is extremely light on parts and I can’t say I particularly like this trend of the buildable extras getting more and more reduced. One day you’ll be glad to get a single brick if this continues… As a friend of Emma‘s I like artsy stuff, though, so it’s okay and the use of the elements is at least reasonably original. The flower stem used as the tripod is actually quite handy, since this element in Reddish Brown so far has only been in a few sets and I didn’t have it yet. conversely, the white “canvas” tile is attached with one of the new 1 x 1 bracket elements and you can never have enough of those, too.

BTW, similar to the other magazines a new drawing style for the comics seems to be creeping in here as well, which I consider a good thing. A few more stylized elements here, a few more contrast lines there and the girls overall looking slightly more their supposed age (or a bit older than in their old versions at least) makes a notable difference and feels more grounded, obscure and unrealistic as the stories still are otherwise.