February Space Bomber

Following closely on the heels of the Friends magazine is the Star Wars edition to which I actually genuinely had been looking forward already. Yepp, of course because of the mini model which is quite decent this time around after the last few rounds last year hadn’t been that satisfying in that department.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, February 2019, Cover

Now of course the Resistance Bomber is easily one of the most stupid fictional vehicles ever cooked up in the Star Wars universe and it isn’t helped by how it is used in the opening sequence of The Last Jedi. I could talk myself into a rage frenzy just explaining how literally nobody on the production teams seems to understand even the most basic principles of bomber tactics and safety procedures. However, all the same I can admit without shame that the LEGO version looks oddly attractive and has some nice parts, so I almost considered buying it once if it wasn’t for the somewhat too high price that killed of that project. But I digress…

The model included is a reasonable rendition and comprised of 36 parts, though not particularly special ones. The only thing that stands out are the two 1 x 1 transparent round tiles with grip bars used to mimic the aft gunner positions at the bottom of the bomb shaft and the rear end of the main body. They’re still used relatively rarely despite being around for quite some time now. The rest is more mundane, but the parts being in Light Bluish Grey for the most part makes them universally usable, so that’s fine with me.

The rest of the mag is okay, though to me it feels weird that they’re still milking the The Last Jedi movie and derive stories from it over a year after it was released. The kids won’t mind, though. In any case, I’m already looking forward to the next issue, which will contain a mini Slave 1. In contrast to the bomber it’s easily one of the coolest vehicles, downright iconic I dare say, and of course due to it also being relatively colorful, this shall make for some interesting parts and a nice little model.