Ideas out of Steam?

After last week’s disappointment with the botched LEGO Ideas The Flintstones (21316) set, it seems we’re in for even more frustrations with the latest choices. The results from the first 2019 review are far from encouraging due to licensed products once more having taken the crown.

Not that the pre-selection was that great to begin with. I’m a space and aviation nerd of sorts, but what would I do with an ISS or a jet engine model in my home? That Apache helicopter I saw today doing convoy escort/ scouting duty for US troops being moved to Poland on one of the Autobahns nearby got me more excited than any of that stuff. Conversely I’m far beyond the age to get pumped for m&ms dispensers. The only thing that got me halfway hooked was the Fiat 500 model, but it didn’t make the cut.

So here we are, stuck with a super toyish looking Steamboat Willy set and the Friends TV series café. I couldn’t say that I care much for either and sadly I have this bad feeling that behind the scenes Disney was pulling strings to get those sets made. Steamboat Willy being the birth of Mickey Mouse in my view is completely overrated, as frankly most younger people probably never heard of it until they hit that search bar in their web browser.

Similarly, Friends feels twenty years too late. Despite endless reruns in late night TV, I have yet to manage to sit through a single entire episode. It’s so cringeworthy and out of time like so many of those alleged 1990s “cult” series. I vividly remember that gag in the bloopers of We are the Millers, though, where they play the title song to Jennifer Aniston… Well, whatever, the fact remains: Not the greatest choices, at least not on this side of the pond. May sell well in the US, though.