May Jetpack

While the trimming down of the Friends magazine’s release cycle here in Germany is frustrating to me, at least the City version of the LEGO magazine is alive and kicking, so here we go with the May issue.

LEGO Magazine, City, May 2019, Cover

Good news first: The comic is pretty good (as you would expect from a heist-based story) and the games are okay. On the other hand the posters have once more been reverted to the “ugly CG” style. Nothing wrong with that per se, but LEGO‘s graphics really always feel like someone just hit that “Render standard view with default background and lights” button in Keyshot or whatever 3D visualization tool they may use.

The minifigure is a play on the jetpack policemen found in this year’s Air Police sets in different versions. If you think your crew needs another wingman, then that’s your ticket. Otherwise it’s probably not that terribly relevant, being that the figure itself offers nothing special and the buildable parts are few.