May Dinos

I love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures as much as the next guy, having spent hours and hours as a kid looking through the same books on the subject again and again as well as watching documentaries of this sort even today, so naturally, the LEGO Jurassic World magazine specials bring two worlds together.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World Special, May 2019, Cover

Admittedly, I haven’t bought any of the actual big sets. They’re not economical because quite literally there’s pretty much only one species of dinos in each of them and you’d have to spend a ton of cash. That wouldn’t be so bad if the rest of the sets were useful as parts sources, but since they are very play-centric, even that doesn’t add up. Therefore I’ll likely resign myself to buying those magazines and possibly buying a bunch of the creatures from Bricklink. Regrettable, though, as I’d be totally game for a box with just the dinosaurs at the right price.

Anyway, people in a similar pinch might appreciate getting at least the mini version of Blue in this issue. I was lucky enough to snatch the polybag back then due to my little anecdote at the LEGO store, but otherwise you’d have to have bought a set for this little tyke just as well. It’s supposed to pop up from behind a bush in that little contraption you can build from the parts in the bag. It indeed works with the little platform on which the dino sits sliding forward and the wedge-shaped brick pushing aside the leaf elements on their liftarms.

It’s a bit flimsy, though, and to me the “rock” pedestal feels a bit lackluster. They could have included a few more pieces to cover it more fully. The rear ends of the black slide rail bricks should at least have had 2 x 1 tiles or plates matching the Reddish Brown and Dark Orange ground pieces and embedding them fully with some slopes on the sides would have been perfect. Still, good overall value on the parts.

The rest of the magazine naturally ties in with the latest movies and the The Secret of Isla Nublar animated mini series and is on long advertisement for the sets, but at least the comic is drawn well and has tons of images of different dinosaurs, so your kids will be happy and pull out the mag from under their bed and sift through the pages more than once, making this an excellent investment. There’s another issue already announced for October, though sadly it will not feature another mini dino. Would have been nice, but understandably they’ll keep the new prints exclusive to the not even released T.rex vs. Dino Mech Battle (75938) set for the time being. So we’ll have to make do with yet another Owen figure then…