July Falcon

With the Friends and City magazines being so all over the place in terms of quality these days, oddly enough the Star Wars one has become a staple to look forward to every month. It may not be particularly glorious, but given the focus on a single subject you can at least manage your expectations. Sometimes it’s even really good.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, July 2019, Cover

The July issue perhaps doesn’t fall into that category. The mag itself is pretty lackluster, but at least you get some decent parts to build a mini Kessel Run Millenium Falcon from the The Last Jedi movie. It’s stacked together from a bunch of 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 round plates with some wedge plates in-between, making for a nice, stable model to swoosh around with. Interestingly, it also uses three of the newer 1 x 1 upwards brackets, so that alone is a good way of boosting your stock of that part.

The only weak spot is the cockpit made from a 1 x 1 cone in Transparent Black. It’s not reinforced by a bar inside and only sits on a stud of one of the aforementioned brackets, which itself is merely loosely plugged into the underside of the little protruding plate. That is to say it tends to come off as soon as you touch this area. I wish they’d come up with a more robust solution here.

As I said, the magazine isn’t t that great. The comics are okay (though even here you can see stylistic differences due to them having been drawn by different people), but you can forget the posters and puzzles. Yes, it’s “bad CGI/ bad photos” alert again and the few simple puzzles barely keep anyone busy for longer than three minutes. Just odd, considering how well they seem to handle this in the City mags. The target audience for Star Wars would actually be older and shouldn’t mind a bit of a challenge….