Icy Summer

While we currently have a lull with quite low temperatures the summer is far from over, the next heatwave is bound to hit and so it seems fitting that the LEGO Friends magazine for August/ September offers us some cool refreshments by ways of a little ice cream machine.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, August 2019, Cover

The build of said little device is solid enough and with a little extra work it could fit well into Olivia’s Cupcake Café (41366) or Emma’s Art Café (41336). that would mostly extend to either converting it from a tabletop to a standalone machine or at least reducing the height slightly so it lines up with the rest of the kitchen appliances used there. Nothing extraordinary to be sure, but nonetheless done well enough. The only piece that stands out is the 1 x 1 round stud in Reddish Brown, which apparently is new in this color and used in a few Harry Potter sets.

The magazine itself is once again pretty awful with its terrible CG and poorly drawn comic, which makes me think that it won’t before long that I’ll stop buying it regularly (unless there’s really some cool model pieces included). It seems that indeed it is faltering and the reduction of the publishing frequency to only every second month was only the first step and it’s declining further….