August B-Wing

Call me weird, but I was really hyped for this month’s LEGO Star Wars magazine already even a few weeks back when I merely saw the preview for the next issue in the July edition. What could it be that got me so excited?

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, August 2019, Cover

The answer of course is the B-Wing model, but the reason is even more specific than you may think. Looking at the photo I asked myself whether it could be true and it almost brought a tear to my eye when this became more and more clear, but yes, the set does indeed contain two pairs of the new 1 x 2 angled wedge slopes (29119, 29120) and in Light Bluish Grey, no less. For me that’s just plain awesome, being that lately I could have used this part a couple of times and was almost on the verge buying a lot on Bricklink. Not many, mind you, as the prices for these pieces are still relatively high, but a few to cover the most basic necessities every now and then sure would be nice. So here we are and ultimately the problem could be solved by buying the mag more than once.

That may sound stupid, but bear with me. Point in case: This is an excellent micro model with several valuable or at least useful parts. I wouldn’t have done it this way, if it only contained garbage. In addition to the slopes you get some 3 x 2 plates and also equally sized tiles, some droid head cones, hinges, wedge plates and even a Barraki eye, all in Light and Dark Bluish Grey plus a black double slope and tons of round 1 x 1 studs in different colors. This easily rivals some of the separately sold Microfighter sets in terms of parts count and complexity. If you will, the value isn’t so much in the individual pieces, but in everything combined into a nice wholesome model. For me here in Germany even the economics make sense, as buying the parts off Bricklink would cost at least just as much as the magazine. As you may gather from my long-winded hubbub I’m quite happy and satisfied.

The rest of the mag presents the usual 50/ 50 split of okay-ishly good and slightly terrible, meaning the comic and the mini puzzles are acceptable, but the posters are sort of ugly CGI stuff. For my taste it’s also a bit too obvious how the plug LEGO Star Wars sets on the centerfold that seem to be selling not that great. Talk about cheap marketing moves…. 😉 This issue also came with a pack of the series 2 collectible card game and an – ahem –  “limited” Darth Vader special card. There’s also a building competition marking the 50th issue next month and I’m almost tempted to cook something up just on the off chance I might actually win something…