July Walker

Look who’s back! Yes, as hinted last month, Boba is indeed smiling (?) from the cover of the July LEGO Star Wars magazine. The reason? He’s in one of the comics, of course!

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, July 2020, Cover

Said comic also features the Slave 1 in its full UCS glory and re-imagines parts of the meteorite chase from The Empire Strikes Back mixed with the similarly structured stealth hunt from Attack of the Clones as some sort of space race between the Millennium Falcon, Boba‘s craft and several other vehicles. Talk about everything and the kitchen sink! And because naturally there has to be some relation to the included mini model, there’s another comic with an AT-AT at the heart of it.

The model itself is unfortunately a “Been there, done that.” affair. True, there’s only so many ways to skin a cat or build a walker, respectively, but in my short time of buying these magazines I feel like I’ve already seen way too many of the ever almost identical builds using spindly hinge-based legs and some other parts. Maybe the should consider stretching out one of these builds across two or three mags to build a larger AT-AT to reinvigorate this. So as it is, there’s not much to gain here beyond the generic nature of the Light Bluish Grey parts making them universally usable for many projects, including the four 3 on 2 jumper plates.

The rest of the magazine is your average fare. Not much in the way of activities stuff and of the posters I only find the one with the dirty sand trooper/ mud trooper breaking through the wall acceptable. Next month is going to be bring some suspense. Likely not because the magazine is going to be particularly outstanding, but rather because it will have a Stormtrooper minifigure (new type) and some people already have threatened to buy up some newsstands’ entire stock to complete their squadrons. 😉 If one is not quick enough, this issue could become tough to track down later…