August Trooper

Time seems oddly compressed to me at the moment and so it feels like *swoosh* only a week went by when in actuality another month has passed. I guess the Corona virus craziness we still live through is changing the perception of time. Anyway, here we go with the August edition of the LEGO Star Wars magazine.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, August 2020, Cover

As I wrote last month already, this issue was hotly anticipated by many because of course – Storm Trooper. Personally I’m not that guy, but I do understand the appeal of putting this up in a diorama or just arranging large grids of these figures for entire battalions. So what was bound to happen, indeed happened – many, many people bought the magazine in bulk. There are “haul” photos where some of them really have bought up a newsstand’s entire supply. This will make it very difficult to obtain this magazine in some areas simply because it’s sold out.

The minifigure itself is a newer generation type with the reworked 2018/ 2019 dual-molded helmet. The print is interesting in that the trooper has torn pants with a rip on one of the legs where the knee protector would be. That’s a neat little touch and makes it all the more interesting. I haven’t seen this personally and was too lazy to do some deeper research, but I’m sure it has been used in a set at some point, just in combination with a different torso and helmet maybe or a different additional print. Still, nice to have.

The figure is naturally used in one of the comics (the shorter one) to explain its background. The other one is retro-themed and takes us to Tatooine and Mos Eisley with several familiar characters making an appearance. The puzzles are okay as is the Vader poster while the alternate back side with Han Solo and Chewbacca is pretty forgettable on the other hand. Either way, a lot of people probably won’t notice, being on the hunt for the minifigure.