Autumn-Tinted November – LEGO City Magazine, November 2020

Full throttle ahead into autumn! Was that too obvious? Perhaps, but nonetheless it’s more than appropriate for the November edition of the LEGO City magazine. Why? Of course because we get another motorbike. That’s why.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2020, Cover

To make things even more odd (or perfect, depending on how you see it), the bike comes in the most autumn-ish LEGO color one could imagine – Dark Orange. That’s clearly not a coincidence, even more so since even the helmet of the driver is in this color. This makes me alternate between “WTF?” and “This is just brilliant!” in the sense that no matter how flabbergasted you are, it is definitely kind of awesome on so many levels.

The motorcycle frame so far can only be found in the Tuning Workshop (60258) and is the same new mold type as the ones in Pigsy’s Food Truck (80009). The good news here is that if you never had any intention of buying the rather ridiculously priced LEGO City workshop set you can expand your collection of bikes nicely just by purchasing the mag. I’m at least always amazed how many different types have amassed over the last three years in my collection already without ever having bought an actual bike-themed set.

The minifigure is similarly nice and somewhat unique. The torso with the Dark Green hoodie and black T-shirt with the digital VU-meter print also originates from the aforementioned set and will make a nice addition to any scenario where you are going to need a set of reasonably “hip” teenagers/ young adults to populate your city or whatever.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2020, Extra

As you would expect, the bike and its driver are featured massively throughout the issue, be that in the comic or on the poster. As you know, I like this kind of consequent carrying through a specific motto/ theme, so I’m quite pleased. As they say: “This one’s got style!”.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2020, Comic

The comic is a detective story playing out through the night and therefore predominantly tinted in blues, something which we in Europe call “American Night”, as it’s derived from a film technique where blue filters are used on daylight footage to make it appear as if shot under moonlight a.k.a. day-for-night. I got a lot of flak once for this because someone from the US felt insulted, but there’s really no reason to be upset. It’s just a common term in professional circles.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2020, Poster

All things considered, this is probably the most perfect LEGO City issue I’ve ever seen. I doubt there would be much room to improve this even further in terms of stylistic and the content’s consistency, so this may indeed be as good as it ever gets for adults. This is one to remember and shows how good the magazine can be, if only someone pours enough effort and consideration into it instead of just dumping disjointed content. I would highly recommend snatching this up, especially if you have any use for the bike and the minifigure.