Yellow Excavator – LEGO City Magazine, March 2021

Just like the current situation feels like an endless repeat loop of the last weeks and month, it seems the LEGO City magazine has also an underlying cosmic cycle, with the March issue thematically being almost identical to the one from last April.  And I really mean it. To say they are merely similar would be an understatement, as the clone-like nature is pretty obvious.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2021, Cover

This begins with the included extra, of course which is essentially the same minifigure and the same vehicle. One has a differently colored helmet and the differences for the othere are merely there to accommodate the different shield/ excavator bucket.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2021, Extra

The copy-catting continues with the poster, which also gives you an extreme sense of déjà-vu. I’m fully aware of the limitations of City and its standard themes repeating over and over, but could this get any more unimaginative? Me no like!

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2021, Poster

With so much sameness all round, the comic is this issue’s only saving grace, as that’s a new story at least. A bit too crazy for me to the point of almost feeling psychedelic and wacky, but the kids will probably like it. The activities and puzzles are sprinkled in next to the pages that cover the subject and while there#s a good number of them, they are super simple.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2021, Comic

Overall not really a good and unfortunately the next issue doesn’t look promising, either, with the umpteenth white police motorcycle, of which we got one last February already. It really feels like the just lazily switched around the publishing months without thinking much… 😦