Yellow Eyes of Evil – LEGO Star Wars Magazine, March 2021

Time is flowing by fast and February is the shortest month of the year to boot, so here we go again already with the latest LEGO Star Wars magazine for March 2021.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, March 2021, Cover

This one yet again comes with a free sticker album, but i wasn’t compelled to actually collect in September last year and I’m not compelled now. I know it’s a huge market, but I couldn’t be bothered. The poor parents who have to take tens or hundreds of Euro extra to the newsstand every month for trading cards and sticker packs! with Ninjago, Jurassic World and Star Wars having such series you can spend a small fortune on this alone, not to speak of soccer cards and other lines of collectibles and toy magazines. Just crazy!

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, March 2021, Comic

The comics are drawn nicely, but have not the least bit to do with actual Star Wars lore this time. the one thing that really surprised me was the poster, well, its back side to be exact. The slightly abstract graphical style is wonderful and just effective. In fact having a full line-up of all Storm Trooper minifigures released so far might even make for an awesome commercial poster. It would have to be pretty huge, though, so perhaps the best we can hope for is more such small posters in future mags. The only thing that slightly bothered me is of course the thin paper and some nasty print artifacts from air bubbles and dust. you can even see the white specks in the photo.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, March 2021, Poster

The minifigure is naturally the highlight of this edition, featuring the one and only Emperor Palpatine. He comes as the version also found in the Death Star Final Duel (75291), a rather expensive set that I likely wouldn’t ever buy unless it really came with 70% discount or something like that. Since many people are in the same boat and old Palps hasn’t been in that many sets to begin with, no matter his guise, this will make many Star Wars aficionados happy. Even I was surprised how different the figure actually feels with the pale Tan skin and the piercing yellow eyes. It’s genuinely well done.

LEGO Magazine, Star Wars, March 2021, Minifigure

Overall this is quite a worthwhile issue to buy for at least two reasons – the poster and minifigure – even if you’re not the ultimate Star Wars fan. It just feels like you’re getting some good value here.