Explorer-ing Humans – LEGO Explorer Magazine, April 2021

Closing off the “LEGO magazine race” in the first week of this month we of course have the LEGO Explorer magazine to look at, this time for April 2021. This time it deals with humans in the broader sense and, unlike the front page suggests, only partially with the human body as such.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Cover

This edition feels a bit all over the place as it’s my impression that they didn’t quite know what to do with the subject of human anatomy. Understandably they may have wanted to spare kids some more grueling imagery, but the issue feels a bit superficial therefore. There’s only a double spread explaining some facts about the skeletal system and that’s pretty much it. Only the poster picks up on the subject again. It’s done nicely enough and if your kid is at the right age could serve as a simple primer for basic biology lessons in school even.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Poster

The rest of the mag is stuffed with other activities such as this minifigure head coloring exercise, some trivia quizzes and some puzzles. There’s also a few more informative pages, including one on optical illusions that should provide some distraction as your kids squint their eyes while they hold the magazine in front of their faces or build stuff with their bricks.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Coloring Page

One of the articles deals with some special people that have made some special human achievements. The selection is rather random and arbitrary, but at least eclectic and diverse enough to be reasonably representative.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Info Page

The extra is a skull to be built from bricks. It has, however, very little to do with a human skull. It looks more like that of a small primate due to the upper and rear sections being proportionately way too small for a human brain. People always underestimate how big that thing is, something I also had to learn the hard way in my drawing and painting endeavors. For the limited number of pieces in these sets it’s adequate, but of course a little more detail would have been nice. It might also have helped had they actually included a page explaining the anatomy of the skull a bit to make it easier for the kids to recognize the features.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Extra  LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, April 2021, Extra

As it is, this edition is just fine, but somehow this doesn’t live up to the quality of previous issues. It’s just not as much fun and the skull model ultimately is underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong – still more value in here than the comic-based LEGO mags, but if they’re not careful, their quality will decline and then the mag might become uninteresting rather quickly.


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    • Yes, of course. It’s just that usual “if only there were five more pieces” thing that so often gets to me. Some inverted 2 x 3 slopes to extend the base in the rear might have stretched it enough to make it more human for instance. 😉

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