Call the Doctor! – LEGO City Magazine, June 2021

Due to my chronic illness I’m in regular contact with medical personnel of all kinds, so I’ve occasionally already wondered why they are so underrepresented in the LEGO world. Sure, there’s the occasional hospital, both in City and Friends, but if you look it up on Bricklink, the number of doctors, nurses, surgeons and ambulance drivers pales in comparison to the enormous amount of firefighters, police men and a few others. That’s why I was pretty excited about this months LEGO City magazine for June 2021 as it would cover this exact subject.

LEGO Magazine, City, June 2021, Cover

We’re thrown in the action with the comic which is about an amnesiac patient and the good doctor going through all manner of craziness to bring back his memory. As usual a bit too wacky for me as an adult and the whole premise sounds a bit too much like a discarded movie script that was rejected because it was simply too bad, but I guess for kids it’s okay.

LEGO Magazine, City, June 2021, Comic

There’s a quiz page that isn’t so much demanding in terms of content, but surprisingly well laid out and spiced up with graphical elements. Same goes for the other puzzle/ activity pages, few as there may be. Overall those pages for once feel like someone actually gave them some thought instead of picking random stuff from a drawer filled with pre-made content or generated (semi-)automatically like those labyrinth puzzles often do.

LEGO Magazine, City, June 2021, Quiz

The posters are unfortunately not transporting the madness of the comic, mostly due to their color choices and overly busy backgrounds. Case in point: The two main protagonists could have worked better on a solid colored background in contrasting colors like red or something graphical. in fact some psychedelic patterns might have worked, given the memory loss theme. The “It was all a dream.” trope could have been used advantageously here.

LEGO Magazine, City, June 2021, Poster

finally we’re getting to the real good stuff, which is the minifigures and extras. As mentioned in the intro, doctors are a rare commodity and here you are getting a unique one with Dark Azure pants and a different face not found in a regular set. At least my quick research on Bricklink did not turn up any matching figures. That alone would be enough incentive to get the mag.

On the other hand the patient is just “generic guy no. X in a plaid shirt” and you can find this combination in quite a few sets, but of course even here the value is raised by the inclusion of the head bandages and hand cast. If you’re into customizing your minifigs, those little details will be super valuable. The bier/ stretcher is done well enough, but overall not that special. The interesting observation here is that with the new 1 x 6 tiles it could become much more relevant as a holder for signage when combined with clip elements.

LEGO Magazine, City, June 2021, Extra

All things considered this is a fantastic issue that offers some good value, most importantly for covering a somewhat rare subject in the LEGO City universe. If nothing else, outside the relatively expensive hospital sets or scouring Bricklink this may be the most cost-effective and straightforward way of obtaining a doctor and those bandage pieces for your projects, so I’d definitely recommend that.


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  1. I think doctor minidolls might be more commonplace than doctor minifigs, since there’s a guarantee of a new Friends hospital every once in a while and even the Friends themselves like to play doctor (or vet) occassionally.

    I like how the IV is built. Minimalist, but effective.

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