All I see is Rainbows! – LEGO City Magazine, July 2021

The weather has been much more regular this year with more rain making for a fresh, flowery spring and wouldn’t you know it, the grass is growing rapidly everywhere just as well. Everybody is dusting off their lawnmower tractors and since most of them can also be fitted with other utility attachments such as sweeper brushes this makes for an interesting story hook in the LEGO City magazine for July 2021.

LEGO Magazine, City, July 2021, Cover

This little twist gets another twist with the comic being based around some mysterious rainbow-colored mass, identified as ice, flooding the city and needing to be cleared out. Not only are people encouraged to eat as much as they can, but this also requires some technical assistance with the mentioned little tractor. Not the most credible story, but there you go.

The more interesting thing is the actual rainbow theme itself. With June also being (LGBTIQ+) pride month, this is either the weirdest cosmic coincidence in the universe or the boldest prank someone pulled on his editor in chief under his very nose. It’s of course not that relevant for the kids and one shouldn’t get carried away with too wild theories, but as a gay person myself I just had to giggle and had to mention it here.

The whole thing is repeated on the poster and I was half expecting the protagonist to wave a rainbow flag. On the bright side, they feature a wheelchair-bound character and inclusion and integration of special needs people is just as important a societal issue, so props for that. One would hope that things like that become more frequent in the LEGO world as some kind of “new normal”.

LEGO Magazine, City, July 2021, Poster

Unfortunately the little tractor makes for a rather lackluster buildable extra, as really nobody went out of their way here in a very obvious fashion. This is as basic as they come. The model is way too stubby, meaning too flat and too short and feels more like a DIY conversion of a small pushable lawnmower (such as they use them for those weird fun racing contests) than a genuine utility tractor for serious work.

If it wasn’t for the rainbow theme that really gave me some kick and put a broad grin on my face this would be an utterly forgettable issue. It really hasn’t anything extraordinary to offer and doesn’t even try to do something special. You know, they could have thrown in a bunch or random 1 x 2 plates in all those rainbow colors or even as transparent versions for the tractor to clean up at least. You’re really not missing anything if you decide to skip over this issue…