Safari Time! – LEGO City Magazine, January 2022

At long last the latest issue of the LEGO City magazine has come out. It was supposed to arrive last week already and in last month’s edition they announced it even one more week before that, but I guess someone at Blue Ocean realized how muddled up their schedule is or there were genuine technical issues with production or distribution.

LEGO Magazine, City, January 2022, Cover

This mag is all about the current African safari theme and thus the comic rather shamelessly promotes the sets and has tons of references to the animals and vehicles in there. While I find this sort of over-marketing still questionable, at least the topic lends itself to interesting visuals and story lines. The comic therefore is pretty palatable  and offers quite a bit of variety.

LEGO Magazine, City, January 2022, Comic

Scattered inbetween are the usual puzzles and quizzes, but I found them rather annoying as there are some on almost every second page. I had to go out of my way to even find two “clean” double-spread pages to show here. that’s even more regrettable since the graphical fluff on these riddle pages usually far outweighs the actual content and the space could have been used more efficiently.

LEGO Magazine, City, January 2022, Comic

The posters are quite okay and would easily fit into your child’s room and blend in if it is already jungle-themed. The CG renderings still appear a bit dull, though, but that’s of course easy for me to say.

LEGO Magazine, City, January 2022, Poster

Now for the big reveal: I really had the hots for this issue because it would include one of the lion cubs from the current series of sets. Unfortunately those sets are kind of a waste in that they target the youngest of children and are very crude. I really think LEGO are squandering the opportunity here by having thrown in those nice animals into rather lo-fi sets. Since I have no interest in ending up with those superfluous road plates they use for the grass and rivers, I’ll likely have to try and get the lions, elephants and so on off Bricklink instead of buying the full packages.

Anyway, in light of this mess I’m all the more pleased to kind of get one of those animals “for free” this way, even if its just a lion baby. And what a cutie he/ she is! 🙂 The minifigure of the photographer is also quite nice, being one of the few (outside Ninjago, that is) with a head band. The scene depicted with the cub hiding under the leaf can be seen in the comic, though it’s unrealistic. Most of the time a lion’s litter would just hide flat on the ground behind grass or rocks, not in actual forests.

Funny how this also would kind of fit with the safari lodge I reviewed earlier this year. Now imagine that set actually having some dry grass bushes and the lions getting comfortable underneath the tree… And of course the coincidences don’t stop there with last week’s buildable lion from that other magazine. The universe works in mysterious ways indeed!

Overall this is a pretty good issue of the LEGO City magazine and once more wish we’d get more of them to this high standard. I’m pretty sure your kids will thoroughly enjoy it, as cute animals appeal to everyone. It’s also a cost-effective way to get the little predator cat and a good minifigure, as the combined price of both would set you back more than those 4 Euro for the magazine. I would definitely recommend this!