Blue Police – LEGO City Magazine, February 2022

Ah, Blue Ocean… One can really smell that they have multiple teams working on their mags and it shows. After the great January 2022 issue of the LEGO City magazine one month later we’re back in more mundane and dreary territory.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2022, Cover

It’s back to police chasing evildoers and everybody getting entangled in all sorts of unrelated things making their life difficult. Formulaic beyond belief! Stylistically I think the City comics are the best of all the various LEGO magazines, though with complex and detailed panels and interesting perspectives.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2022, Comic

The “bigheads” are a nice addition and featured on several pages in this outing. Sprinkled in between the comic pages are again a number of puzzles and quizzes, but they’re really not worth mentioning.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2022, Comic

The same goes for the poster, which also makes it all too obvious that there is a long pre-production period for these publications. It features the “old” police and the associated sets from last year/ two years ago, many of which are now marked for retirement and won’t be around for much longer or already are hard to come by.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2022, Poster

The minifigure is okay, but the buildable extra is a maximum non-effort by whoever designed it.It really looks more like a golf cart than any police car that could be taken seriously. Something like this might be driven around in some gated retirement community in Florida, but you wouldn’t find it in these parts here. Well, at least the minifigure at least fits inside and I suppose it’s also not bad that it matches with the blue helicopter from last week. Also for me the the 2 x 4 mudguard bricks are a first, as so far I only have them in other colors, but not Blue.

LEGO Magazine, City, February 2022, Extra

Overall this is a weak issue and while it’s serviceable as a bit of filler and distraction in these trying times, it’s not anything essential. Combining it with the helicopter makes things a bit more interesting, but then you’d still need to dig up an extra minifigure from your stock…