T-Rex Reloaded – LEGO Jurassic World Magazine, February 2022

The LEGO Jurassic World magazines still rank among the better versions of those print works and I’m always looking forward to them. The February/ March 2022 edition just arrived, so let’s have a look at it.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, February 2022, Cover

You wouldn’t be wrong in guessing that the comic is – and say it with me – just another chase story. A heartfelt *yawn* would be appropriate. It’s not just the dullness of the recurring motive, but also the very geometric drawing style of the panels with lots of evenly colored skies and walls that doesn’t really help to make this more interesting. Ironically there are a few panels that illustrate how things could look differently. They don’t make up for the others, though, so it remains a mixed bag.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, February 2022, Comic

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, February 2022, Comic

The main poster breaks from the style of the previous ones. Likely they’ve simply run out of dinosaur species to cover before some new ones may be revealed in new sets. Instead we get a group of T-Rex‘s on the prowl. Even if it’s just a less than great photo montage it could be factually correct, according to latest research suggesting that these predators may indeed have banded together to hunt down bigger prey. The alternate poster is a group shot of various characters cobbled together in a similar vein, but not half as attractive.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, February 2022, Poster

The extra is a buildable T-Rex which is a nice callback to the first issue after the soft reboot of the faltering Jurassic World magazine back in 2019. I loved this little thing back then for it being quite elaborate and truly representing the creature in a recognizable form, so I’m not at all objecting to getting another variant of it. While you build it you will encounter some familiar elements, but all the same, quite a few things have been modified and changed, so it’s not just a cheap recolored rehash. The many Light Bluish Grey elements peeking through are still a bit of an issue, however. One really wishes they’d more consequently make use of uniformly colored elements in Dark Tan here, as much as I understand their attempt to mimic the coloration of the actual molded version.

If it wasn’t for the buildable item this would be a rather forgettable issue. It really feels they’re tied too much to what’s actually available as sets based on the Jurassic World movies and with the Dominion movie having been delayed forever and new sets only coming out in the summer release wave, they’re struggling to fill the gaps with creative content and develop the magazine on its own…