Yellow Digger – LEGO City Magazine, March 2022

As far as I’m concerned, it seems the LEGO City magazine has reached a new low with the March 2022 issue, so let’s see what the damage is.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2022, Cover

First we have the comic, naturally. I still favor the City comics for their dynamic drawing style, but man, what did go wrong here? The Mount Rushmore reference with the oversized heads being carved into a rock face completely looks like from another planet. It literally lacks depth and looks overall quite wonky, causing a lot of “empty sky syndrome” on my part.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2022, Comic

Another thing that just bugs me is the colors being printed wrongly, in particular the yellows having a distinct reddish/ magenta hue to them. Someone seriously screwed up in pre-press or during the print run.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2022, Comic

The print issue also ruins the poster, which once again looks rather murky and the colors appear just wrong.

LEGO Magazine, City, March 2022, Poster

The extra feels like the designers went out of their way to make a maximum non-effort. There’s not a single piece in here that would mimic at least a hint of a motor housing or cockpit cover. It’s as barebones as it gets and if it wasn’t featured in the comic, you’d barely know it’s meant to be a pneumatic hammer drill/ excavator. The minifigure of Paul is okay. At least it has some silver tools peeking out of the chest pocket printed on, though otherwise it’s just an ordinary, generic construction worker.

Overall this is a rather disappointing issue and next month doesn’t look much better. I’m not even sure if I’m going to buy it, as I really don’t need yet another red motorbike. They’ve already over-used that one with their pizza delivery variations…