Explorer-ing… Robots – LEGO Explorer Magazine, March 2022

We live in a world full of communication artificial intelligence and automation, so of course the LEGO Explorer magazine would have to tackle some of these topics. As so often, this could be a recurring topic filling entire books, but the March 2022 issue is at least a start.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, March 2022, Cover

The info pages highlight a few inventors and inventions that have set a few milestones with their ideas. As it is, you can only feature so many on those few pages while leaving so many others out, but at least there are some hints and clues to a few lesser known people and their impact on today’s technology.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, March 2022, Info Page

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, March 2022, Info Page

The comic still doesn’t do much for me and feels unnecessary in this particular magazine, but at least it doesn’t occupy too many pages and is drawn well enough. the more I look at it I also have the desire to get the crazy professor minifigure. It was in the Collectible Minifigures Series 14 before I even got into LEGO. It would be really cool if they did an issue with two or three minifigures one day and included him as a re-issue, slightly modified of course to not spoil the collector’s value of the original.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, March 2022, Comic

There is a poster, but aside from me genuinely having forgotten to snap a shot, it doesn’t provide anything interesting. It’s basically just an advertisement depicting mostly LEGO Mindstorms/ Boost robots, a subject which won’t be that interesting to most regular LEGO builders unless you really are into programming and robotics.

The extra is another version of the magazine’s mascot robot ED, who was also the extra for the first edition. They changed a few things around, but I still find him unattractive and unimaginative in the sense that this feels like one of those student lab robots whose capabilities are limited to driving around and making *beep* noises. It also seems that they threw in those random bits as filler because they quite didn’t know 

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, March 2022, Extra

All in all this is an okay issue, just not particularly exciting. It feels like they didn’t quite know what to do with the subject matter and they shunned away from the more complex stuff this admittedly also entails.


2 thoughts on “Explorer-ing… Robots – LEGO Explorer Magazine, March 2022

  1. Strange that they would use the comic to highlight a minifigure from so long ago, considering it’s no longer advertising to the target demo.

    I think the robot is a strange but useful amalgamation of useful parts.


    • It’s certainly odd, given that the egg-headed guy appears to never have been in another set, too. Anyway, it would just be nice to have him without resorting to Bricklink even if he’s not the most expensive.

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