This little page is where I will mostly just dump any random info that crosses my path when it comes to all things LEGO, post my ramblings and will review sets. Additionally, I have now started exploring alternate brick-based systems and will share my experiences here. I’ll also post my custom builds (a.k.a. MOCs) for the world to join in the fun and benefit from my findings.

Initially I thought I was going to focus on LEGO and series like Technic and a bit of Star Wars, but as it turns out things are a bit more varied and my tastes more eclectic, so ultimately you eventually will likely find everything here from obscure Elves sets to complex Creator Expert buildings. On top of that there will be random sets from other vendors, but to a much lesser extent. I do live in Germany, after all, and getting your hands on some items from elsewhere is very complicated.

All of that depends on my very limited finances, too, so some things will take a bit longer to work out, but where does it say that twenty Euro sets or other stuff in that price range can’t be nice in the meantime? 😉  If you want to support this site and help, check my “Wanted” lists linked in the sidebar or contact me directly and we can discuss options for your contributions.