Support this Page

This page used to represent my wishlist of LEGO and other brick-based sets I had on my radar, but with so many new sets coming out it became too much work to keep it updated I decided to not maintain an explicit list any longer and turn this into a more generic “How can you support this page?” thing.

There’s a lot of sets I may want to just check out and do reviews, scalp them for parts or actually really keep a few of them around , but obviously there are limits to my finances and I can’t always buy them all as much as I may want to. That also applies to stuff you may want my opinion on, but that I personally would not necessary buy/ be able to buy.

So if you feel like this stuff should be appearing here and you have a way of helping to make it happen, just hit me up. Leave a comment or contact me directly via e-mail. Anything helps from Amazon or LEGO shop vouchers to direct gifts and donations. Thanks!