The (Over)Watch is over…

…at least as far as I’m concerned. The first pictures of the first wave of Overwatch sets are out (for instance here) and what can I say? It’s a massive disappointment. Most of the sets look either like odd Ninjago mechs or those weird Super Heroes vehicles like the black Batman shuttle. Nothing I would want in my home, not even the bigger version of the Bastion, though at least it seems to be fully poseable this time. The prices look okay at least, though. Regardless, unless there will be other, more impressive sets I think I’ll skip over this. The pink D.VA battle armor tickles my creative senses, however, so perhaps I might pursue it for parts, after all.

Bastion what?

After the announcement almost half a year ago and the ensuing long discussions on the internet whether or not this actually fits LEGO‘s moral code and ethics, the first Overwatch set has popped up on the Blizzard online store featuring the Omnic Bastion (75987) character.

Personally I’m not opposed to Overwatch at all. I’ve never played it, but a) I like those character introduction videos both as a film aficionado and 3D artist due to their excellent quality and storytelling and b) I like the overall graphical/ design style just by looking at gameplay videos. Sure, it’s a shooter and doesn’t fit in with the pink fluffy unicorns theme so prevalent in many LEGO sets (But then again, they do have Star Wars, too, do they not?), but the comic style and the game not taking itself so seriously probably make it acceptable.

The Bastion set at 25 Euros or bucks, respectively, is quite expensive for under 200 pieces, but I suppose in a world where propped up limited editions with deluxe busts, artwork books etc. are now quite common, it will still feel quite attainable for most gamers compared to other cost, including their subscription and in-game virtual goods. From the LEGO side there’s not much to it and if you have the parts you could probably re-create it just by studying the photos.

Personally I would have hoped for a more massive set that really carries home that heavy mech/ battle turret theme, though. You know, one where the sheer weight of the LEGO bricks already makes you want to put it into certain poses. My concern here is that if this the scale they settle on it will be difficult to render the other characters in sufficient detail (if there are any plans on doing so). Admittedly, however, it would probably look just the part when placed in a recreation of the actual arena to same scale, which is what I’ve been hoping for more than anything else.

I’m quite likely never going to get this particular model due to the price, but now that the party has started, I’m slightly hopeful that this may turn out well, after all, and isn’t just another desperate move by LEGO to tap into new user bases. Should be interesting what will be next…