Deep Blue Tree? – LEGO Jurassic World Magazine, January 2022

Been a little on the slow side lately due to some pre-Christmas madness and health problems, so here at last is my somewhat belated review of the latest LEGO Jurassic World magazine, which technically is for January 2022.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, January 2022, Cover

The comics have become so repetitive you wouldn’t be wrong to bet money on yet another chase story, this time featuring the Dilophosauraus, Baryonyx and Carnotaurus. There’s really not much to say about the matter otherwise. It’s all so formulaic. At least this particular comic is much more colorful and dynamic than the last few times, though I feel that the rigid rectangular panels don’t necessarily support it making an impact.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, January 2022, Comic

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, January 2022, Comic

The poster fits into the established pattern of the previous ones and adds one more entry to the gallery of species available in LEGO form. The alternate one on the backside also does not look too shabby, depicting one of the scenes from the comic, but nicely 3D rendered. This goes to show that if only they want, Blue Ocean can manage to crank out some decent stuff. Most of the time they’re just too lazy to invest the effort, it seems.

LEGO Magazine, Jurassic World, January 2022, Poster

The extra is a rather unspectacular piece of jungle with yet another Blue in the wrong green version. It’s okay for a bit of play fun on the side, but if it wasn’t for the inclusion of the leaf elements it would look rather sparse.

All things considered, this is a bit of a letdown and by no means would I tell you to rush to your local newsstand to get it. It is okay for what it is, but does offer zero innovation and surprises nor any valuable parts/ minifigures.