Dalmatian Invasion – LEGO Friends Magazine, January 2021

While I was prepared for a flood of new magazines to come out due to the festive season’s unusual timing this year, this was somewhat mitigated by a slight delay in the LEGO Friends magazine. It arrived two days late at my resident newsstand and then I didn’t get around to actually writing the article. Go, figure! So here we are for a slightly belated look at the January edition.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, January 2021, Cover

This one is all about “speckled dogs”, as they call it, a.k.a. Dalmatians and similar dog breeds. As usual the comic just isn’t my thing, be that the annoyingly cloying writing or the nightmarish depiction of the girls, but at least this time they had the sense to squeeze in an info page featuring adorable puppies all over the place.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, January 2021, Info Page

This continues on one of the posters and while it would be a good idea to veer away from their ugly CG abominations – oh my, did they screw it up with one hell of a lousy photo montage. The dog on the left looks completely fake and out of place! I wish they had just used the original photo of the right dog and sized it to fully cover the poster, including omitting the purple arch. Really makes me wonder what hacks are working at Blue Ocean… *sigh*

LEGO Magazine, Friends, January 2021, Poster

As has been an ongoing trend, unfortunately, the buildable extra is as lo-fi as you can imagine. at this point it’s probably safe to say that I have way too many of those Magenta jumper plates and Flame Yellowish Orange round plates that I’ll never use for anything. Even the dog isn’t anything special, as it’s just the variant with the grey eye patch that can also be found in many of this year’s sets. If at least they’d create special prints to fit the topic of the mag, this would greatly enhance its desirability and usefulness.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, January 2021, Extra

So for all intents and purposes this is not a great issue, but I guess anything is better than nothing while parents are stuck at home with their kids with schools closed and all that and will buy it, regardless.