Indiana “City” Jones – LEGO City Magazine, November 2021

My calendar was telling me something else and last month’s preview page definitely said this would only come out one week later, so I really got caught by surprise with the latest LEGO City magazine.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2021, Cover

I was looking forward to this of course for its old-school adventurer theme, something which LEGO currently don’t really have a sub-series for in either of their main product lines. Maybe we’ll get some Indiana Jones style sets to see some day again, though. The many new animal molds that came out this year are really begging to be re-used for crocodile-infested swamps and Indian temple ruins overrun by apes.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2021, Comic

The comic at least already plays with some of those tropes, which has the positive side effect of it being very colorful and providing some notable variety in locations. some of the panels are really gorgeous and would make for nice posters.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2021, Comic

Outside that there’s not much going on in the activities department, but I guess some pyramid labyrinth puzzles at least make a little more sense than usual, given the context of this issue.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2021, Poster

The posters take another clue from the Indiana Jones movies (or for that matter others of that ilk), which isn’t the worst of ideas, either.

LEGO Magazine, City, November 2021, Extra

The extra lives by the minifigure, naturally and it is a fair representation of what you would expect such a rogue explorer to have looked like some time in the 1930s to the 1950s. The individual components are nothing special and have been used elsewhere in different combinations, but the way they have been compiled here is adequate.

The extras are okay, but nothing to write home about. A golden or transparent Ninjago wizard skull certainly would have been more attractive or for that matter even the scorpion in Pearl Gold. I’m also slightly disappointed that they didn’t include one of the simians from the current wildlife rescue series, despite it being shown on several panels in the comic. Point in case: This could have been even more awesome.

All things considered, though, I can’t complain. This is pretty decent, be it just for the fact that it deals with a different genre and in doing so gets a much needed injection of something fresh. This is definitely something you can pick up without much regret.