April Swaddle

Regrettably the publishing cycle for the LEGO Friends magazine has been cut down to  only once every two months here in Germany, so at least in terms of quantity we don’t get to enjoy some stuff that is published in other countries (I would have loved the wardrobe and hats stuff from the Polish Nr. 2 issue), but at least this month’s edition is good and makes up a bit.

LEGO Magazine, Friends, April/ May 2019, Cover

Yupp, it’s all about the baby stuff. I even weirdly enough enjoyed the comic and of course having the little swaddled baby in the buildable extras bag is just great. This little minifigure-ish thing has so far only been included in two Friends sets and therefore isn’t cheap on Bricklink, so buying this issue is the perfect opportunity to get it in a cost efficient manner. It would have been even better with some more parts to build an actual crib or changing table.

The rest of the mag is also pretty decent. As I already mentioned, the comic is kind of fun, there are some demanding puzzles and even the bunny poster is fitting with Easter not being that far off. Really not much to complain about this time around. i just wish I’d get my dose of this stuff every month…