Dolphin Special

The sizzling summer heat is still raging across large parts of Europe, so it’s more than fitting that the LEGO Friends Summer Special delves into that beach feeling. Imagine how out of place it would feel if it were one of those rainy years…LEGO Magazine, Friends, Summer Special 2018, Cover

The magazine comes in a slightly larger format than the regular LEGO Friends edition and also has some thicker, somewhat card stock like cover. This is necessary to actually build a pop-up style card printed on the back – if you so desire. The rest of the content ranges in the usual way from rather cheesy to downright awful, but what do I know about the appeal of this stuff to six-year-old girls? Could be perfectly fine for them.

The parts value is pretty good and in my view justifies the slightly higher sales price of 4.50 Euros, especially since there are a few large parts like the palm leaf, the yellow crab and of course the dolphin, all of which make up half the value of the magazine already, if you were to buy them separately from Bricklink. Add to that a clam shell, some brown 1×1 cones and the other elements and you can’t complain that much, especially since they come in very sensible generic colors that allow them to be used on many other projects such as the white hinges or the Tan colored 4×4 plate. If every Friends set was like that, more people would buy the magazine no doubt.