Explorer-ing… The Solar System – LEGO Explorer Magazine, December 2021

As a Sci-Fi nerd of course I love all sorts of space stuff, be that re-watching the same documentaries over and over or delving into my favorite series, so the latest issue of the LEGO Explorer magazine is right up my alley.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Cover

The mag centers on some info relating to our own solar system and its planets as well as on their exploration and research. Of course from my point of view it’s rather basic as I could literally chew peoples’ ears off talking about this stuff for hours, but for the intended target demographic of kids at a certain age it is perfectly sufficient.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Info Page

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Info Page

Inbetween there’s a few quiz pages and the drawing page depicted below. That’s all fine and dandy, but rather than drawing UFOs it might have been more interesting to add some coloring pages (including perhaps the insides of the cover) and build a mobile with the Earth, Sun and Moon at least.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Drawing Page

The poster shows the International Space Station (ISS). They inevitably couldn’t help themselves and had to sneak in the eponymous LEGO Ideas set (21321), but I guess that’s okay in this case. There aren’t really that many full shots of the actual entire station for practical reasons, anyway.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Poster

The extra made me smile. The little alien with its ponytail is just too funny. Like this humorous take on the whole subject. It would have been even better, had they actually included a custom printed minifigure head or a 2 x 2 dome piece. Either way, it’s cute enough and there’s a bunch of useful pieces.

LEGO Magazine, LEGO Explorer, December 2021, Extra

Not necessarily the most exciting edition of this mag to me personally for the reasons explained, but overall done well enough to warrant a purchase. It’s not as higgledy-piggledy as some other issues and that’s also a good thing. You don’t have to overload these mags with content. A stringent, focused effort with a limited subject is much more digestible.