Would you buy me a Beer…?

…well, perhaps not, since I don’t do drugs and alcohol. But maybe you feel like spending that money on sponsoring some content for this site that you would like to see here. Not meaning to beg for scraps, but as you know I’m on a limited budget and while I try to make things work as much as possible, some things are simply beyond my financial capabilities.

Every bit helps, be that those LEGO VIP points you just don’t know what to do with, some Amazon vouchers, that set you got as present and don’t want, something you bought and disliked halfway through and so on. Whatever you have. And no, I don’t plan on setting up an extra Patreon or something of the sort simply because I don’t want to make my life more complicated by feeling pressured by supporters or all that financial kerfuffle.

To make it clearer how I roll I have once more updated my Wishlist as I will no doubt have to do several times this year again. Oh how I wish LEGO would not drip-feed their super-secret info on new releases. *sigh* It’s not sorted in any form by priority, just by the set numbers. If you spot something you can help out with, feel free to leave a comment on the page, contact me via the info provided in the Impressum or by sending me a personal message on whatever forums you bump into hers truly… ­čÖé Thanks for all the support! Let’s make this year a good one!